Employee Business Expenses Made Easy

Control and manage company outgoings by issuing employees with business prepaid cards

Free Prepaid Cards

Allow your employees to spend in multiple currencies globally with the 

Volopa prepaid card.

Improve Treasury

Take control of company spending by setting transaction limits by card and tracking expenditure in real time.

Mobile app

Empower your employees to easily manage currency exchange and receipt capture within the Volopa Business app.

Employee Expenses

Business Prepaid Cards

Volopa Business prepaid cards help you to empower your employees while keeping you in control of their expenses.



  • Free cards for employees
  • Multi-currency cards that can hold up to 14 major currencies
  • The Company Wallet can be loaded in GBP, EUR or USD
  • The Volopa Business prepaid card is accepted globally



Spending Control

Improve your treasury by having control on all expenses that your employees make on their prepaid cards:



  • Administrators can set maximum transaction values per prepaid card
  • Administrators can enable or disable certain transaction types on individual business prepaid cards
  • Individual prepaid cards can be automatically loaded from the Company Wallet when the total balance of the Card (in base currency) goes below a value set by the Administrator


Mobile App

Volopa Business App

The Volopa Business App is available for download on Android or iOS and gives employees access to features such as:


Check available currency balances on their card

View transactions in real-time

Capture receipts in the app instantly

Add notes to business expenses

Make real-time currency exchanges

Return currency to the Company Wallet


Card Security Features

The Volopa Business Product includes the following card security features:

Freeze and unfreeze cards immediately

Change card PIN

Allow or disable certain transaction types in real time

Mobile App

Volopa Business App

The Volopa Business App is available for download on Android or iOS and gives employees access to features such as:


Benefits for Employers

  • Improve oversight of expenses by centralising administration in one location.
  • Improve company treasury by managing employee outgoings
  • Encourage responsible spending by agreeing clearing spending limits with employees
  • Reduce time spent on administration by automating card loads while minimising paperwork and receipt chasing.
  • Modify user permissions 24/7
  • Set transaction limits, enable and disable transaction types
  • View employees’ business expenses in real time

Benefits for Employees

  • No more expense spreadsheets! Reduce time-consuming administration associated with expense reporting
  • Provide employees with the necessary tools they need to manage their business expenses efficiently and easily
  • Ease of taking photographs of receipts through the Volopa Business App and adding notes to transactions
  • Eliminate reimbursements and out of pocket payments
  • View expenses and currency available in real-time
  • Transfer unused funds back to the Company Wallet