Our Solution

We know from our own experiences in business that managing expenses can be a pain, whether its dealing with petty cash and reimbursements or being charged hefty transaction fees for using the company debit or credit card abroad.

We wanted to simplify expense management while giving companies a better way to make purchases overseas.

We did this by developing the Volopa Business Prepaid Card – a multi-currency digital wallet connected to a smart app and online dashboard.

Follow all purchases in real time, set individual spending limits for employees and save money on your overseas spend.

A simple global spending solution for your company designed to empower your team while keeping you in control and saving you money!

Our Technology

We take technology development very seriously. Volopa is developed with the backbone of a highly secure and scalable proprietary infrastructure platform designed by our platform experts and software architects with decades of experience in the financial and technology industry.

Our Team

We are a fast-growing team based in London made up of tech and payments enthusiasts with backgrounds from some of the world’s leading payment brands and financial institutions.
Meet our senior management team.

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