How To Sign Up For A Volopa Consumer Account


See below for the details on how to sign up for free to Volopa’s Consumer Prepaid Card account and International Payments account.


Prepaid Cards


Sign up now for free for a Consumer Prepaid Card account. It takes just 5 minutes.

  1. Download the Volopa app
  2. It’s available on iOS and Android

  3. Sign up
  4. We will ask you to take a selfie and a picture of your ID document to help us verify your identity

  5. Delivery
  6. Your Volopa card will typically arrive within three working days


International Payments


A simple global spending solution for you, personally designed to simplify your travel and international payment needs.


Sign up now for free for an International Payments account. It takes just 5 minutes. Simply click the Sign Up button below and complete the form.