Simplify your international payments & save time!

Manage all your international outbound business payments from one unified platform

Global Coverage

Make Payments from the UK in 38 Currencies across 180 Countries

Whether you’re paying salaries, vendors, importing and exporting, or just moving currency from one account to another, our payment platform enables you to:



  • Gain access to our easy-to-use self-service payment platform to manage your payments
  • Make multi-currency payments globally from the UK
  • View your payment history and transaction details in real time through your dedicated dashboard
  • Securely store your recipient details for future use and view payments history


Transparent Pricing

Gain access to competitive FX rates

We guarantee FX rates for 30 seconds, which means you’ll get the exchange rate you have been quoted during that time even if it changes!


  • No Hidden Fees! We apply a fixed fee based on the value and frequency of your transactions against the FX wholesale rate
  • View live exchange rate on your dedicated dashboard and decide if you wish to proceed
  • An experienced team to help you with all your international payment requirements



We Provide Secure and Safe Payments to Recipient Accounts

We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Payments Institution and keep client funds in segregated accounts to protect your money.


  • We comply with all applicable regulatory requirements relating to both your personal data and the safeguarding of your funds
  • International payments are sent using SWIFT or local payments





A Dedicated Dashboard to Manage all Your International Payments

A Volopa Business Account gives you access to a dedicated dashboard where you can:


  • Get access to your Company Wallet to upload funds in GBP, EUR or USD
  • Manage your international payments in 38 currencies to 180 countries
  • View your international payments transactions in real time
  • Add and manage your recipients for future use