Earn Cashback with Volopa Lifestyle

What’s Volopa Lifestyle?

We’ve partnered with Tail – The Cashback App to give our users the possibility to earn cashback directly onto their Volopa Cards when they make purchases at participating retailers that have active offers.

Free for Volopa Users

No sign-up costs or monthly fees, no loyalty card, paper or voucher required simply search offers on the Volopa Lifestyle section of the Volopa App, and pay with your Volopa Card – It’s that simple!

Don’t have a Volopa Card?

Sign Up

Go to Consumer
Account to sign up

View Offers

View all offers available in the Volopa Lifestyle tab of the Volopa App

Pay by Card

Pay using
your Volopa Card at
participating retailers

Enjoy Cashback

Cashback is paid directly
onto your Volopa Prepaid Card


See how much you’ve saved

Track all the offers you’ve redeemed in your app to see how much you’ve saved