Business Cards

Prepaid Business Cards & Expense Management
Volopa can provide a bespoke solution for your business which will streamline your expense management processes, reduce costs and empower your employees.

Transforming your expense management
Take control of your business expenses with our prepaid business cards, finance dashboard and smart expenses app. Our solution means:

  • Transparency– Our platform allows you to view in real time what your employees are spending. This means no end of month surprises with your business expenses.
  • Control– Manage spending by setting transaction limits, enabling and disabling transaction types, setting auto loading rules 24 x7.
  • Freedom-Liberate your employees from administration and provide them with the tools they need to efficiently manage their business expenses, no more reimbursements, no more out-of-pocket payments.
  • Efficiency– Our solution means less paper more work. Business Cardholders can add notes and attach documents relating to transactions in their Volopa account. This allows you and your staff to focus on the work that counts.

Key features
We have worked hard to make your life as easy as possible. By being a client of ours you will enjoy the following features

FeatureWhich Means That ………..
Modify User PermissionsAdministrators can set varying levels of access for users within a Business Account
Fund the Company WalletAdministrators can load funds in GBP, EUR or USD directly to the Company Wallet
Maximum transaction per cardAdministrators can set maximum transaction values per Business Card
Card Auto loadIndividual Business Cards can be automatically loaded from the Company Wallet when the total balance of the Card (in base currency) goes below a value set by the Administrator
Restrict Payment TypesAdministrators can enable or disable certain transaction types on individual Business Cards
Add notes and attachments to expensesBusiness Cardholders can add notes and attach documents relating to transactions in their Volopa account
Base Currency ConversionBusiness Cardholders can use base currency held on the card to make purchases at ATM withdrawals in any of the card currencies without the need to covert funds to the local currency.

International travel

Our multi-currency business cards provide the ability to hold funds in fourteen currencies and transact in 180 currencies worldwide. Giving you instant currency exchange at the wholesale rate for a fixed commission fee, card loading 24/7 365 days a year and real time reporting.

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