A simple global spending solution for your business designed
to empower your team while keeping you in control and saving you money.


With your Volopa Business Account you get access to the following services for free

  • Access to dedicated dashboard
  • Prepaid business cards for your employees
  • No monthly or yearly fee for cards
  • Choice of £ or € base currency cards
  • Load currency in £, $ or €
  • Configurable Admin Permissions
  • Live Support

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Hold and exchange in 14 currencies
Major currencies covered saving you expensive exchange rates
Base Currency Conversion
Default to the card base currency when spending internationally
if you don’t have enough local currency on the card
Automatic card loads
Set your balance threshold to trigger a card load from the company wallet to automate away administrative work
Digital Receipt Capture
Capture your receipt at the point of purchase and add a note to simplify your expense management processes
Data & Analysis dashboard
Track spends and manage budgets in real time
Set maximum point of sale purchase limits by card
Set maximum ATM withdrawal limits by card
Volopa iOS & Android mobile app
Customised CSV. Export report by card or account
Extract data directly from the dashboard

Coming soon

Virtual Company Card
Spend securely when transacting online
Cashback Rewards

Enjoy up to 50% cashback at 100s of restaurants in the UK

Bulk CSV Payments
Upload multiple payment instructions to the platform
Customisable Cards
Co-brand bespoke designs for your company
Dedicated Success Manager
Direct access to your own success manager
Custom API Integration
Connect you accounting package or preferred software platform

Volopa Business Card Fees

Details Fees
Card Setup Fee Free
Monthly Fees None
Currency Exchange 1% to transfer from one currency to another
ATM Withdrawal Charge If you have a GBP card, ATM withdrawals in GBP are charged at 1% of the withdrawal amount with a minimum charge of £2.00. ATM Withdrawals in any other currency charged at £2.00 If you have an EUR card, ATM withdrawals in EUR are charged at 1% of the withdrawal amount with a minimum charge of €2.00. ATM withdrawals in any other currency charged at €2.00
Point of Sale (Online, Shop etc) Free
Replacement Card Free
Transfer to Bank Account Free
Account Closure Free
Balance Request Balances can be viewed online for free
Purchase or withdrawal in currency not loaded to card Mastercard authorised rate plus a foreign exchange fee of 1%

Any questions?

Cards - Getting started

Yes. Volopa is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA Number 554549) to carry out payment services. The card is issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited pursuant to a licence by Mastercard International.

Personal Cards - Getting Started

You can see your card PIN at any time in the Volopa app. Within the ‘Action’ menu, select ‘Card Controls’ and tap ‘Show PIN’. To keep you secure, we will request that you authenticate using your biometric ID or 6-digit passcode before we display your PIN. Repeat the steps above should you want to see your PIN again.

You can also see your PIN by logging into your Volopa online account.

The base currency on your card is the currency in which you are able to top-up your card. This is typically your home currency. Your base currency is identified on the back of your card. 

You can activate your card using the Volopa app or by logging into your Volopa online account. Within the ‘Action’ menu, select ‘Activate Card’ and confirm by tapping the ‘Activate Card’ button. Your card will be activated instantly.

Yes. You can make contactless payments at any merchant terminal which accepts this at home and abroad.